Hello there!
This is a little presentation about me.
I was born in the end of the sweet 50-ies.
I work at Göteborgs Kex since many years we make cookies.
I'm a member of the cat club Föreningen Ädelkatten (ÄK)
My first Norwegian Forest Cat was EP & EC S*Brattcats Inka.
And with him my interest for shows started.
Breeding was never an option for me at that time...
But the future wanted something different...
'cause on my 35-th birthday,
I got a little female kitten S*Islandia R.T Cayenne.
And that was the beginning of S*Tjuvhålans.
And you all know how it develops after that...
keep a kitten, buy a kitten....
I got my first litter in April 1995.
At that time everybody at work were involved with my cats delivery.
My boss called me every two hours and wondered how it was developing.
First time is always first time!!
Nowadays I have to cope on my own.
I live in Bohus, just outside Göteborg.
But besides my lovely cats, I've got another hobby...
I collect little cats in all kind of material, and I have a lot!!!
And I always keep my eyes opened for a new one.
Me then...
Me now...
This is all for now...
/ Anette 
My cats
02 12 05